Болгарские компании предлагают кооперацию

Болгарские компании предлагают кооперацию

Сеть международных экспертов «Союзконсалт» готова представить более полную информацию (контакты, описание,возможности), на условиях коммерческого запроса. Мы готовы провести  переговоры с важными людьми, организовать бизнес-миссию на болгарские предприятия, с учетом ваших интересов. Пожалуйста задавайте свои вопросы Телефон:+74997695425 WhatsApp +79169906144



Name of the company Interest of cooperation  
1. EUROSPED EOOD Transport of different type of goods in both relations Bulgaria – Russian Federations and vice versa;

Transport of letters (Bulgarian Post and Почта Россий) and other small shipments and also cargos



Trade in croissants  


We offer projects and businesses for investment and purchasing in Bulgaria — Projects related to mechanical engineering; textile industry; food industry, incl. the production of preserved products, wines and spirits; perfumery and cosmetics, rose oil and rose oil products; pharmaceutical; tourism and hotels; real estate and investment projects, etc.  
4. OLINESA PREMIUM LTD Trade and production activities

Foodstuff production and trade



Hotels, hotels, large dream merchants, large and medium-sized hotel chains, representatives of the commercial department of the Russian postal service
6. BRSP AUTOELECTRONICA Creating joint production


Architectural design, Construction, Restoration, Tourism


The Best option for us is to find new customers, also to preserve and improve the conditions for Bulgarian wines and drinks on the Russian market  
9. Bulgarian-Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry


The BRCCI is intend to provide comprehensive assistance for the establishment and expansion of the trade, economicр, scientific and technical cooperation between the economic organizations of the Republic of Bulgaria and the Russian Federation.
10. BUL-ER-INTERNATIONAL LTD. Trade with wines  
11. STORY ALIANCE INVEST Implementation of projects in the field of residential and public construction, engineering and design of projects in the food-processing industry, public buildings. Waste processing plants. Nanotechnology in construction.

We are interested in projects in the form of a public-private partnership in Moscow and St. Petersburg.



Social activities,  special paper producersр„ food industry

Joinnt Venture, Franchaise etc.


13. Center for Information and Vocational Guidance for “Prometheus Pro” LTD- City of Varna/CIVG/ Dissemination, marketing and advertising of the opportunities for online consulting, thanks to the platform to the CIVG website (in Bulgarian and English).

Possible contacts and contracts in different sectors: energy; information and communication technologies and high technologies; electronics; machine building; battery manufacture; food industry, incl. manufacture of preserved products, wines and spirits; perfumery and cosmetics, rose oil and rose oil products; pharmaceuticals and ready-made pharmaceutical forms and consumables; tourism and tourist services; investment projects and more.

14. CASTRA Please download CASTRA’s LETTER OF INTEREST at  : http://castra.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/Letter_of_Interest_CASTRA-1.pdf

Ø         Business to Business, applied R&D, technology and product development :

CASTRA offers activities, products and services related to its core expertise and capacity in the following areas of interest (examples; additional specific information is available upon request)

• High-speed satellite communications

• Small satellite platform development including subsystems and payload

• Satellite image data processing

• Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) development including composites, constructions,

avionics, communications systems, telemetry, control software, power systems and other

• UAV payload development — sensors for: Remote Sensing,Natural Resources Discovery,

LIDAR systems, Security applications and other

• UAV pilot training programs and facilities

• UAV test systems and simulators

• Aircraft systems software and simulators

• Aircraft repair and aircraft crew training programs and facilities

• Ground, aerial or spaceborn sensor development for various applications, incl.

environmental monitoring

• Wireless sensor networks and GPS/GALILEO based tracking solutions

• Solutions for automation (Software/Hardware) and remote control of industrial

manufacturing lines and processes

• Smart Building (including Industrial facilities) automation

• Energy efficient and environmental hazard robust LED based lightning solutions for industrial, public or business applications ( including hospitals and other low EMI requirement applications)

• Integrated circuit design , including aerospace high-reliability applications

• Cyber security education and training

• other custom industrial R&D activities

➢ Academic R&D and Education activities : CASTRA offers joint definition and execution of R&D projects, implementation of education, professional qualification and training of experts and personnel; establishing of state of the art educational and R&D programs and activities (M.Sc. and Ph.D levels) in the field of “Aerospace technologies, research and applications” and relevant high-tech subjects such as mechanics, electronics, Information and communication technologies, computer science and other, including professional training programs.

Looking for busineness and R&D partners for projects related to :

1) small satellite systems development and applications;

2) UAV systems developent and applications;

3) development of custom electronics systems for high-reliability applications

4) custom  engineering projects in various high-tech domains

15. InsightAir Europe Smart cities, Internet of things, BMS, automation and HVAC, complex air solutions for production companies, offices,

Hospital, manufacturing sites, public buildings, trade centers, schools, sport centers.



16. Balkancar Record Selling forklifts  
17. BULGARGAZ EAD Gazprom Export LLC  



Gazprom Export LLC  
19. AVIOSTART LTD Cooperation


Distributors for food products.

We wish to cooperate with a partner from food industry to work together.

21. Sofinformproduct – Grozdanov Ltd.


Joint development of devices for the vestibular system

Joint cultivation and marketing of fruit

22. Metecno Bulgaria AD Establishing contacts with construction companies and supply of insulating panels on the Russian market.  
23. DIMTEOS EOOD Construction and operation of «International Center for

Fast Economic Development »

24. Apriori  OOD Co-production, Partnership

Innovative Publishing Platform, audio-visual production

25. Tehniks OOD



Projects in Construction Industry

26. SOK KAMCHIA ROS-cooperation, Association of Socially Oriented Non-profit organizations, Memorandum with  Young Army Cadets National Movement, Memorandum with Paralympics, International Space Olympiad of the students
27. State Autonomous Design оf Culture Moscow «Moscow Agency for Organization of Recreation and Tourism» (MOGGORTUR) (МОСГОРТУР) ROS-cooperation, Department of Culture – Moscow, Government of the city of Moscow  
28. Bul Air Partnership with Russian tur operators

Charter programs organizing

29. Lawyer – Member of the Sofia Lawyer Association


Representation in front of administrative bodies, permanent residence in the Republic of Bulgaria on the grounds of investments in the country, registration of companies.

Legal services to legal and natural persons

30. Cluster for Innovative Activities and Scientific Research ltd Information Technology / Tourism  
31. CERB EAD    
32. Burgas Council Pan-European Corridor VIII,  Collaborative productions,  Regional cooperation  
33. Simplex Co. Automation of technological processes(especially in the food and beverage industry), energy management

Installation for plasma assisted CVD coating

34. National Company Industrial Zones If there is an interest of investors to develop a production in the Bulgarian Industrial Zones or use the logistics of the zones, we are ready to cooperate.  
35. Vertex EOOD Collaboration in the fields of commerce with special pyrotechnic items with civilian and military designation; sale of hunting sports and tourism goods.  
36. Cominvest Inc. Income/outgoing tourism, direct investment in Bulgaria, dealership of Russian companies and innovation products and technologies in Bulgaria.


37. Cargo-partner


Contact with potential clients

ILog, new cargo-partner warehouse in Sofia

38. BULGARTRANSGAZ EAD In the energy sector, sector gas

Planned joint projects in the gas sector and cooperation on all issues linked with Bulgartransgaz EAD licensed activity



40. „ART STYLE – DANIELA COMMERCE” EOOD Investment projects

Mega project Sapareva Banya — SPA complex and airport



Что такое импорт и экспорт

Экспорт и импорт являются важнейшими показателями экономического благосостояния любой страны. А если рассматривать этот параметр на уровне хозяйствующих субъектов, то наиважнейший показатель развития предприятия. Поэтому наши заказчики с особым вниманием относятся к созданию стратегии ВЭД. Экспорт это продажа иностранным контрагентам товаров с вывозом их за границу.  Импорт  это ввоз товаров, технологий, услуг для их реализации на внутреннем рынке, а также для транзита в третьи страны.

Мы приглашаем к сотрудничеству.

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