International Experts Souzconsalt

International Experts Souzconsalt

We cooperate only in project teams, with experts from the Soyuzconsult international network. In other cases, you can contact us as a customer of services.

You can join our international team. We invite you to join the international expert community to commercialize your knowledge, connections and competencies.

Become an international expert WhatsApp +79159633383

Become an international expert of the Souzconsalt network!

If you are an expert in your field, but only you know about it? Take a step towards your future! Build your expert team, become an international expert.

  1. Fast start
  2. Minimum investment or no money (volunteer)
  3. No age limit
  4. Ready team, cooperation, strengthening of positions
  5. No binding to the office (office rent)
  6. Free schedule
  7. Unlimited income
  8. Wide product line of target audience
  9. Developed infrastructure and established connections

Market experts are leaders of the new economy
International expert «Soyuzconsult» is an expert certified and digitized by the network. The network involves and recommends an expert to participate in international projects. The network provides resources and participates in projects at the invitation of an expert.

The candidate voluntarily enters the Network, is registered as an expert
The expert is part of an international network, being on the project team is voluntary (volunteer)
The expert has the right to go offline by notifying the board in writing.

How to get the status of an international expert?

Business owners and industry experts join the international expert community to implement their business project, exchange, acquire a new resource, and capitalize on their skills, connections and competencies.

You get a ready-made business,
International experience, expertise, team and connections.
You save time, effort and money.
We create a project team, and together we achieve the set goal — the result.

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