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寻找商业伙伴 ابحث عن شركاء الأعمال New Search Business Partners Поиск деловых партнеров

寻找商业伙伴 ابحث عن شركاء الأعمال Search business partners Поиск деловых партнеров. Business partners searching.

Business Innovation provides service of business partners searching for companies in various fields of activity in Russia, CIS countries, Asia, Europe, Africa.

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Первая консультация бесплатная по вопросам развития и ведения бизнеса. Интеллектуальный поиск покупателей и производителей в России и за рубежом. Интерактивные базы данных экспортеров импортеров. Реклама и продвижение товаров и услуг. Поиск переговоры с инвесторами.

International search for business partners

International search for business partners can be a complex process that requires a thorough understanding of the target market, industry, and cultural differences. Here are some general steps that can be followed to conduct an international search for business partners:

  • Determine your business goals and needs: Before searching for business partners, it is important to identify your business goals, such as expanding into a new market, increasing sales, or accessing new technology. You should also identify your business needs, such as marketing support, distribution channels, or manufacturing capabilities, to help you narrow down potential partners.
  • Research the target market: Conduct market research to identify potential business partners in the target market. This can include analyzing industry reports, attending trade shows and conferences, and networking with local business associations.
  • Identify potential partners: Once you have identified potential partners, you can begin to narrow down the list based on your business goals and needs. You can use online directories, business databases, and professional networks to find potential partners.
  • Evaluate potential partners: Once you have a shortlist of potential partners, you should evaluate them based on factors such as their reputation, financial stability, experience, and cultural fit. You can also conduct background checks and site visits to verify their information.
  • Establish communication and build relationships: Once you have identified and evaluated potential partners, you should establish communication with them and build relationships. This can involve sending emails, making phone calls, or arranging meetings to discuss potential collaborations.
  • Negotiate and finalize agreements: After building relationships, you can begin to negotiate and finalize agreements with selected partners. This can involve discussing terms and conditions, drafting contracts, and addressing any potential issues or concerns.

Overall, international search for business partners can be a complex process that requires careful planning and execution. It is important to conduct thorough research, evaluate potential partners, and establish strong relationships to ensure successful collaborations.

Who’s the service for

Companies wishing to find new partners and clients in Russia and neighboring countries;

  • Companies striving to enter the international markets and expand their business boundaries.

The service includes

You provide us with information about your company – area of activity, description of products / services, potential partners profile, presentation materials, as well as a list of countries in which you are interested to entering the market.

We search for business partners for You in the designated countries according to the specified criteria, identify those interested in cooperating with Your company.

We transfer the contacts of interested clients to You and / or we interact with potential partners (conduct correspondence, translate) and provide legal services at the conclusion of the contract.

Individually: we will arrange for you a business trip to the partner’s country of residence for a personal meeting or the arrival of a potential partner in Your country.

The service result

We save Your time (all the work on organizing negotiations is done by our specialists) and conduct a professional selection of business partners for You.

We will help to find foreign business partners in Russia, CIS countries, Asia, Europe and Africa.

As a result, Your company gets new clients and contracts.

Паладьев Олег Николаевич

Паладьев Олег Николаевич – международный эксперт по вопросам глобального предпринимательства, и развитию внешнеэкономической деятельности. Персональные консультации для собственников и руководителей бизнеса (стратегические сессии, коучинг, аутсорсинг, сопровождение проектов). Предпринимательская практика с 1994 года.

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