New Business development in Russia and Eurasia 业务发展 تطوير الأعمال

Business development Russia and Eurasia

We help foreign companies quickly and easily enter the Russian market and build business cooperation here. We that provides a range of services aimed at finding new business partners and concluding international contracts between companies

We develop export and import

Cooperation with us as a reliable partner in the Russian market

We work with successful

Permanent representation of your company in Russia by us without the need for business trips

We ensure quality and safety

Recognition of your products in all countries of the Eurasian Customs Union

We provide a full service

Simultaneous entry into the Russian and Eurasian markets

Popular services from experts

We select the best service for You and work to achieve results. Our experience, tools and connections can be useful in solving your problem. The network of international experts “Souzconsalt”, since 2008, has been helping business owners to increase the profits of companies in global markets.


Business Partner Selection


Selection of specialized exhibitions


Selection of specialized exhibitions


The Souzconsalt network is an international expert community aimed at the implementation of joint global, trade and investment projects, uniting more than 1000 experts-owners of industry business around the world. The network is a platform for promoting goods and services, for entering foreign markets. A network is an infrastructure for comprehensive business support, optimization and improvement of management quality, through outsourcing of functionality and robotization of business processes.

We have been developing our competencies in international markets since 2008. Our experts are practitioners and business owners in Russia and abroad. We are all united by the goal of increasing business efficiency, developing and improving business processes. We are consulted by the trade departments of embassies, Big Four consultants, export support centers and businesses of all sizes. Practice confirms that the problem is not in our guarantees, but in the solvency and professional preparedness of our customers. The guarantee is cooperation and partnership in the implementation of the project, this allows you to achieve the best results.

We have created an infrastructure – tools for promoting, selling goods and services. We have robotized our business processes. We have developed competencies and connections that will take you years to acquire. We have tested all our services on ourselves, use and improve. The algorithms for finding clients, written by our experts, are unique and effective. With us you will save time and budgets. Our customers become experts on the Web over time.

Freebie is killing business! Work must be paid! Not wanting to pay for our services, as a result, you will get the same customers as yourself – like attracts like. Confirm your solvency. Tell us about an acceptable budget for you, we will make you an up-to-date offer. Pay, get advice, and get started. Our time and yours are worth the money.

We are open to partnership at any level, offer us your version of cooperation. The main principle of our cooperation: “It should be beneficial for everyone”

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