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Wanted Natural Charcoal Wood Charcoal Supplier Of Charcoal. Search for wanted charcoal at souztrade.ru to get a reliable source of fuel and energy at low prices. Get wanted charcoal in many different forms to suit different needs with ease. Prices very competitive market prices You are invited to visit our Factory and Our Company anytime.

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Dear Sir, We are looking for buying of Hardwood Charcoal.
Kindly contact us for further details & discussion. Thank you.

Contact: Vaazil Shah ..Posted on : 14-Jun-2022
Posted From : United Arab Emirates

Buy Hardwood Charcoal Netherlands Antilles

Dear Sir, We are Looking for Hardwood Charcoal.

20ft container. Please contact us as soon as possible. Thank you.

Contact: Mr. Dino Arrundell ..Posted on : 10-Jun-2022

Buy  Charcoal South Africa

Dear Sir, We are looking for large amount of Charcoal.
Qty : 28 tons, Alldays Limpopo Kindly contact us so as to proceed ahead. Thank you.

Contact: Marchelle Potgieter ..Posted on : 04-Jun-2022

 Buy Charcoal South Africa

Dear Sir, We wan to buy Charcoal. Please send us your price list. Thank you.

Contact: Mr. AJ Rautenbach ..Posted on : 02-Jun-2022

Buy Wood Charcoal United Arab Emirates

Dear Sir, We are interested to import Hard Wood Charcoal.

Quantity : 4×40 ft FCL per Month
Packing : 10 kg HDPE Bag

Specifications as below
Carbon Content : Above 75%
Size :8-20mm
Volatile Matter : 18% Maximum
Moisture : 6%
Burning Time : 2-3 Hours
Delivery CIF Jebel Ali ..Posted on : 30-May-2022

To Buy Charcoal Mozambique

Dear Sir, We are looking for 100T Acacia etbaica Charcoal, for
export to Saudi Arabic port off Riyaadh.
Please provide us with a cote or some information
about this business. Thank you.

Contact: Arao Fernando Cumbane ..Posted on : 27-May-2022

To Buy Coal South Africa

Dear Sir, We are looking for Rb1 and Rb3 Coal best grade quality, charcoal black sulphur levels are of good value non
harmful, Best for power generation. Please revert along with all the related details. Thank you.

Contact: Warona
Company: Brio Vast ..Posted on : 26-May-2022

To Buy Wood Charcoal  Cyprus

Dear Sir, Our requirement is as follows :
1. Saw dust Briquettes
2. Coconut she’ll briquettes
3. Restaurant grade wood charcoal
4. Domestic wood charcoal

5 containers 10 kg for restaurant
3 containers 5kg for domestic
3 containers sawdust briquettes or coconut briquettes.
Limassol po ..Posted on : 23-May-2022

To BuyCharcoal
Dear Sir,

We would like to discuss your variety of products as we
have a market here to sell. We can discuss the
possibility of shipment here and expand the range of
quality products.

We shall be waiting for your reply. Kindly let us know if
there is any query that needed to be answere ..Posted on : 09-May-2022
Posted From : Turkey

To Buy Lumpwood Charcoal and Briquettes

Dear Sir, We require Lumpwood Charcoal and Briquettes, restaurants grade, London gateway or Felixstowe UK
Port & 20 tons minimum. We are happy to buy minimum twelve (12) 40’ containers per year with one container per month delivery. Please advice. Thank you.

Contact: Mr. A O Afo ..Posted on : 02-May-2022
Posted From : United Kingdom

To Buy Charcoal  Malaysia

Dear Sir, We would like to purchase Charcoal with your company. Kindly contact us for further details & discussion. Thank you.

Contact: Ivy ..Posted on : 29-Apr-2022

To Buy Charcoal Lebanon

Dear Sir, We are looking for Charcoal. Please provide us about your goods quality products. Regards.

Contact: Mohamad Ismail ..Posted on : 25-Apr-2022

To Buy Charcoal United Kingdom

Dear Sir, We are looking for an EU producer of Charcoal to supply our business in the UK. we are looking for high
quality Hardwood / Lumpwood Natural Charcoal supplied ideally in either 10kg or 15kg boxes (cardboard
boxes) or 10 to 15kg bags (although we would prefer
boxes). We buy by th ..Posted on : 22-Apr-2022

To Buy Hardwood Charcoal South Africa

Dear Sir, We are looking forward to purchase namibian Hardwood
Charcoal direct from namibian farm on a weekly basis
delivered to cape town south africa. If you are from
namibia and can deliver or supply I can arrange for our
own trucks to collect. Regards.

Contact: Mr. Nadhir
Com ..Posted on : 18-Apr-2022

To Buy Charcoal

Dear Sir, We want to import Marabu Charcoal from Cuba to Kuwait and Iraq. Kindly contact us on WhatsApp. Thank you.

Contact: Mr. Ahmed Shawkat .