Russian Certification Services

Russian Certification Services




When importing products into Russia, you need to comply with a wide range of complex certification systems and national standards. Depending on the nature of the goods you are planning to ship to Russia or to another Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) country, you may need to gain one or more approvals.

EXPERIENCED AND ACCREDITED,  HELPS YOU MEET RUSSIA’S REQUIREMENTSAs the world’s leading certification company, we offer you unrivaled experience in Russian certification requirements. With our accredited certification body status, presence in the recent Customs Union common list and Rostekhnadzor license, we are uniquely placed to provide the resources and expertise to help you obtain the approvals you need to access Russian markets.

INFRASTRUCTURE INVESTMENT MANAGEMENTBefore you can begin an industrial project in Russia, such as the construction of a factory or manufacturing facility, you need to obtain a number of approvals for engineering, construction and other technical activities. As a result, your project may need various combinations of permits, certificates, licenses and other approvals before you can commission your industrial site.

Obtaining these permits can be complex, requiring coordination with various national and local authorities. For example, a large investment project could require up to 500 permissive documents.

QUALIFYING CONSUMER GOODSWe also help exporters and importers of equipment and consumer goods to enter the Russian and European markets through certification against national and international standards. We operate in Russia as an accredited CU TR (ex GOST R) Certification Body, licensed expert organization providing industrial safety verification services and as a Notified Body (NB) to provide verification of conformity to European Directives as well as other relevant licenses and accreditations.

For industrial safety expert services the company is accredited in Rostekhnadzor and our experts pass regular mandatory attestation and qualification verification procedures. Certification and permitting services for the Russian market are coordinated from our competence center.

CONSULTANCY SERVICESTo support large projects in Russia our experts also provide the following consultancy services:

  • Design verification and validation
  • Validation of applied materials and solutions to the Russian norms for design, engineering and construction, including environmental and industrial safety aspects
  • Obtaining positive conclusion on the design documentation of GlavGosExpertiza

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