Check the counterparty in Russia

Verification of the counterparty in Russia. Verification of trustworthiness: buyers, suppliers, investors. Very often foreign customers come to us with a request to check their counterparties in Russia, in Moscow. It is important to make sure that your counterparties are trustworthy in order to minimize commercial risks.

We provide various types of services, including: remote collection of information, visiting the counterparty’s office, conducting preliminary negotiations.

Verification of the reliability of information. Quickly, efficiently with a guarantee. Efficient, reliable and affordable. We have been working since 2008

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Verification and monitoring of counterparties throughout Russia. A detailed dossier about your counterparty. Analysis of tax and judicial registers registers. Ready conclusions. Ready-made recommendations. Protection against risks.

Quick verification of the counterparty

When deciding on cooperation with a company or sole proprietor, the question of the reliability and honesty of the Counterparty constantly arises. This concerns the situation when:

An individual orders a product or service, and the situation,
A legal entity begins cooperation with a new supplier, partner, client.
To verify the Counterparty, our experts will collect and analyze the information, personally visit the counterparty’s office.

Based on our information, you can make the right decision on cooperation with the Counterparty of a legal entity or sole proprietor according to information from official sources. For Legal entities, checking the Counterparty is the main action to prevent financial and tax risks

Verification of a Turnkey Enterprise. Escort

Inspection and evaluation of the company — Experts in legal and economic fields. Individual approach. Specialized experts. Quick result. Fixed prices

The cost of the service

The price is formed based on the depth of analysis and customer requirements. Should I provide information from the register (5000 rubles), conduct an in-depth analysis of the financial reliability of the counterparty and the founders, visit the counterparty’s company, physical presence and negotiations.

Why is it important to check the counterparty

Many people ignore the need to check the future partner before entering into a cooperation agreement. However, this is fundamentally wrong, because now cases of fraud and improper fulfillment of the terms of the contract are not excluded, and this can later turn into big losses for you. There are also cases when a counterparty plans to become bankrupt, decides to cease its activities and does not inform the company that cooperates with it.

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Buy — sell goods abroad. We will help you find a buyer abroad — we will conduct pre-contractual work and accompany the transaction. We will offer promotion services, product advertising and attracting new customers.

Commission services of a trade broker export. We will post press releases and news of your business as part of the information partnership. We will present your products and technologies. We organize certification and testing of goods.