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Find clients for an importexport business as a middleman? I have suppliers, but no buyers of the products I can source. I have answered this several times for others. Let me give you some info.

  • Identify which market you want to export your product
  • Contact your embassy or trade commission and try to get information on importers
  • Go onto the web and search yellow pages and business directories for that specific country or countries
  • Go onto your industry specific directories and search for importers. Also do not forget to add your company, information and products or services you are providing
  • Go onto B2B trade sites and do the above. Again add your information
  • Visit trade expos related to your industry. You can just visit and fix a few meetings or go and display your products/services
  • Join Linkedin and fill out your information, make connections in your industry and start posting. You can also create your business page.
  • Join other social media networks
  • Try to work with brokers, traders who are already in your industry, they might already have customers. However, if you are a broker or trader, then it becomes a bit difficult. You have to use the other above methods.

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These are all short term marketing aspects

I would suggest you set up a website, get seo done on your website and submit it to search engines, directories, b2b trade sites, yellow pages. It’s a lot of work and time consuming but over time, you will start to come on 1st or 2nd page of Google and other search engines and instead of you trying to find buyers, they will be finding you. However, you have to do all the above mentioned items I have listed on a regular basis. In other words, short term and long term. Do not always think short term.

Hope this helps

The strategy you need to follow depends on the categories of products you have and your targeted market. If you target any specific country, join some product-related social media groups of that country and take suggestions from the local people. Post your product details regularly at those groups to grab the attention of the potential buyers also.

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